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What does the acronym "NIAC " stand for?

NIAC is the acronym name used by the Nuclear Industry Assessment Corporation.

Who is NIAC?

NIAC members are companies who supply goods and services to the nuclear industry that have a quality program that meets or exceeds the requirements of 10CFR50 Appendix B or ASME NQA-1 (1989), and accept 10CFR21.

What does NIAC do?

The NIAC organization develops and maintains the procedures and processes necessary to plan, guide, and share supplier evaluations with authorized member companies.

How does NIAC do this?

NIAC maintains a database of supplier evaluations, provides schedules, procedures, and checklists to guide supplier evaluation activities, and maintains interfaces with member organizations and the Nuclear Procurement Issues Committee (NUPIC).  NIAC also organizes working meetings for members and the steering committee twice a year.

How can my company join NIAC?

If your company qualifies and wishes to join NIAC, you should contact the current NIAC Secretary, Jim Peters.  Jim can be reached at (281)222-2708.

What benefits would NIAC membership bring to my company?

NIAC membership offers considerable cost and schedule savings through the sharing of supplier evaluations. In addition, NIAC offers an excellent opportunity for the nuclear industry Procurement Quality Assurance professional to network and learn from others in their field.

How many audits would my company have to perform?

Audits are performed on a ratio basis, whereas a company should perform about 1 audit for every 3 received (shared from another performing member).

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